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Back in the UK

Dear Yogi's

I hope that you are all doing well and remembering the cooling breaths during the heatwave. I arrived back from California early yesterday morning and am reacclimatizing to the heat and time difference. I will be teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre this evening 6-7 pm online and in person, booking via Move GB or at discount code of 20% off Summertime2022.

I will be offering some classes to get us through to the end of the summer. Please let me know if you are around and would like to practice yoga together. Many of you are away, or are you?

Lots to share with things I learned during my stay away.

Also planning for September and again really value your input. It's been good to have a break, I taught my first class last night and it felt amazing to be back, I really needed some downtime. Can't wait to see you all, I can teach this Sunday either online and/or in person - let me know if you can join us. Hope you are having a great summer.

Keep cool and see you all again soon. My best Nicola

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