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Doors open for Peri&Menopause Yoga Course

The journey through Peri-Menopause, to Menopause and beyond is a challenging time in a woman's life. Join me in this four week course to support the hormonal, physical and mental changes. I offer a welcoming space, come as you are, to learn about all stages of the menopause and find supportive tools on the way. Practice active and restorative yoga poses that support and strengthen; breathing techniques clinically proven to reduce anxiety and insomnia; guided meditations that ease the journey, along with discussions in the company and wisdom of other women. Practice with a teacher qualified in All Stages of Menopause Yoga.

About the course:

Time for you to get away and explore your journey, at the beautiful Bedminster Quaker Hall and gardens. Yoga, breathing and tailor made techniques for easing Peri&Menopause. Two free additional online yoga classes or recordings. Links to resources to support your journey Notes, support and kindness. Bring your yoga mat, tea, blanket and a notebook.

Book Online Peri & Menopause Yoga Course £55 Dates: 7-8.30pm May 19, 26, Break for half term, Jun 9,16, 2021

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