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Frozen shoulder pain to shoulder love

About 6 years ago I had a frozen left shoulder, it was excruciatingly painful and my normal range of movement was significantly reduced, normal life was not normal It was a humbling experience that lasted for a year.

Frozen shoulders occur more in women between 40 and 65, around peri&menopause, and is more common in women than men.

Relieving stress from the shoulders and mobilising and lubricating the joints is vital. The neck is the precious bridge between the head and body.

This evening 7.15-8.45 pm @Centre for Wholehealth, we will do a brief overview of the frozen shoulder and spend time working with yoga and movement for shoulder health in our practice.

Here are some resources to raise awareness about frozen shoulders.

Look forward to seeing you all

Precision Wellbeing Group

Full clear explanation of Frozen Shoulder, potential contributing factors and good exercises

Yoga with Melissa adapted for frozen shoulder Yin yoga for stiff shoulders 1 hour class

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