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Going Deeper

Good morning yogis

Delighted to say we are on for class Saturday, tomorrow 9.45-11am our last session before Easter break either online or in person at Bedminster Quaker Hall.

Let's ease the paths to self care and wellbeing with the practice of yoga in all its glorious far reaching ways. With mind, body and spirit all joined and connecting inwardly and outwardly. This is an idea of oneness invited in practice.

We have been playing with ideas, metaphors and movements of balance; a moment in time, stable to wobbly, and back again, it comes and goes, that is nature and joy. Going with the flow and bouncing back, creating the systems and awareness to hasten ourselves back to places of safety and stability.

Meet you on the mat for a themed and juicy class.

My offer this week is to bring a friend (someone new to my classes) for free as your guest. Let's build this class into a Sangha, a place to meet and grow together. Imagine having breakfast and sitting in the garden together once a month after practice....

To Yoga in this little corner of Bristol x

Book via

Class pass details or my classes are on Move GB

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