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Happy International Women's Day 2023

Joyous, snow-coated International Women's Day 2023.

May you celebrate yourself and all those magnificent women around you and within you. Please make time to do what makes you feel celebrated. I'd love to know what that is.

I walked in the snow with a dear friend and had a hot chocolate to finish off the morning. I'll be hosting a Yin and Nidra Women's yoga circle this evening 8-9 pm at Quaker Hall to finish off the day of all things woman. There is a £5 off coupon for this eve use the code SPRING.

The full moon was yesterday. I sometimes feel the tide of emotions pulls quite strongly at this time of the month. You might find your period moves in sync with the ebb and flow of the moon or not, we are all so individual. If you no longer have periods the moon can be a useful tool in still having a monthly cycle.

We have been using the moon cycle in class to help mark time, and map emotions and energy levels during the month. This can be really useful in understanding the ways we feel differently within a 4-week cycle. Like the spring, summer, autumn and winter theme often used, metaphors are useful guides and add lyricism to the practice of yoga.

Sometimes I don't feel like practising yoga, but I try to not let that stop me. That rolled-out mat, movement, breath and time to connect with me, is a place to process and find deep peace for body, mind and spirit.

I have several offerings this week for Full Moon and International Womens Day including a Saturday morning class 9.45-11 am and Yoga Circle Event 3.45-6pm with cake! Please celebrate yourself, the power, sensitivity, sisterhood, community and the sheer beauty of being a woman.

If you would like access to 2 free Yoga Nidras, please email me.

I always love it when you come to class, do feel free to give feedback.

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