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Luminous Breath

Thanks to those who came and joined us on Sunday at Urban Gym, we had a gentle and powerful session working with breath embued with nature's energy and attributing luminosity to the air we breathe. The Nidra took this renewing light to all places in the body. Beautiful to consider lighting up our inner landscape. The power of the imagination.

I am playing with some new themes to animate our yoga practice, colours, trees, words, horizons, favourite places, poems and new shapes to make with our bodies.

Hope you can join me on this journey to ourselves.

See you on the mat, this week:

Thursday, today, Centre for Wholehealth, BS3 6.15-8.45 pm, in-person class

Friday, online Yin and Nidra 6-7 pm

Sunday in person, online, recording at Urban Gym BS3

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