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New Years Eve

Greetings Yogi’s

Wishing you all happiness and joy as we move towards the years end.

I am so looking forward to welcoming you on New Years Eve, doors open at 3.20.

In person is fully booked but you can still join us virtually via Zoom or do the recording.

I invite you to do some reflection of the year past, I go over my phone photos and diary and reflect on what were the highlights and relive the happiness of those times, people, moments and the richness. Even printing a few pictures or journalling.  It's important to remember and celebrate the year and hold our efforts and experiments with high regard, no matter the outcome.

There may be moments which were harder and these also can be observed and even celebrated in the way things were handled or even a note to self for the future. Tis love that paves the path forward.

What do you want more and less of?

Bring a little something to put near your mat and the candle we will light there.

If you have your own yoga equipment please can you bring it, to make a little extra equipment.

Can't wait to see you and all my best Nicola 

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