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Pelvic Floor Workshop at Trika Yoga

Saturday July 13 2024 at Trika Yoga, North Street, Southville.

From: 15:30 - 17:30 Book here

Join us in this workshop to tenderly explore and demystify the pelvic floor.

This knowing empowers women towards a gentle, ongoing and healing relationship with their bodies.

This beautiful integrated hammock of muscles and tissues give strength, pleasure, and vital function, as well as connecting to the first and second chakras in yoga. These centres represent our sense of safety and joy.

Women of any age can benefit from connecting to the pelvic floor for strength, vitality and a positive body relationship. Those who have had pregnancies or are approaching midlife, especially may benefit from generating more stability and awareness in this area, where weakness can be associated with various health conditions.

Opening with a circle, Nicola will discuss our pelvic floor and touch upon how it relates to yoga. There will be space to share anything specific that brings you to the workshop as you feel held in a community of women.

We will then invite in breath, an especially powerful way to connect to this lower diaphragm and awaken both the physical and subtle energy that resides there.

There will also be an exploration of the physiology and a raising of awareness through movement and creative exercises to strengthen and understand the pelvic floor. This will blend mindful and somatic movement with yin stretches to help unwind.

We will close with a guided yoga nidra (a lying down meditation) further inviting a sense of ease and connection to the pelvic floor leaving you feeling steady and energised.

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