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Reset, Release, Renew - today

It can be really hard to do the things that make us feel better, especially when we feel bad. The events of some weeks, this week, this day can leave us feeling challenged into inertia.

I hear you and I feel this too. I always go to the mat, to the body, to the breath, bringing us to the present.

I have added some deeper stress releasing exercises to classes at the moment to respond to the call of supporting wobbly emotions, fight, flight and freeze modes.

The polyvagal nerve is a primitive part of the nervous system that does now respond to reason or words. But it does respond to physical reset.

If you can join us today I think the practice will help move things along.

Keep well till we meet again.

Urban Gym 9.45-11 am

In-person, online or recording available.

Holding you in my heart

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