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Spring energy and offerings

Greetings Yogi's

I hope that you have had a deeply restful Easter break.

I took to the hills of North Wales volunteering at a retreat centre, Cae Mabon, it was a beautiful time of connection with nature, people and listening to inspiring stories. Getting to the land and into nature has a strong effect on all levels, vast horizons, spring growth, and life abounding all around in stages.

As I nurse a cold, it's clear how active rest, in the form of yoga nidra, has the power to assist healing and give gentle energy to energyless times. Hope you are practising yoga.

Please can you help me with this conundrum by getting back to me by tomorrow Sunday?

I would love your input on Wednesday evening: Last term we kept Yin & Nidra 8-9 pm, but numbers were low compared to the previous term.

Should the class:

A - stay the same?

B - move time? (earliest start would be 6.30 )

C - shapeshift into a combination of Hatha Flow, Yin and Nidra

D - have 2 classes on the same evening an earlier Mindful Hatha Flow followed by Yin & Nidra. What you want is most important to me and makes what i can offer relevant and tailored.

This term classes are now live for enrolment all at Bedminster Quaker Hall-

To explore passes and termly bookings please click here.

If you are struggling with finances please get in touch and I will help to make attending yoga possible.

Wednesday is booked for Yin and Nidra 8-9 pm thus far, I wait to hear from you to confirm the shape of this class. (in person, online and recorded)

Fridays 2-3 pm Beginners and Stress Reduction (in person only)

Saturdays 9.45-11 am Going Deeper with Asana, Pranayama, meditation and Yoga Nidra (in person, online and recorded)

May 'Flower' Full Moon Women's Yoga Circle - 7 May 3.30-6 pm

Coming later this term, befriending the nervous system, and peri-menopause & menopause sessions in person and online.

Sending my best to you Nicola

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