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Spring term Yin & Nidra Wednesdays 8-9pm

I welcome you back this Wednesday with an open heart for a term of Yin and Nidra.

It is time for nourishment and to settle ourselves inwards and listen intently to what is going on. It's a new moon today and I love to map time with the powerful symbolism of the moon, the phases of fullness, darkness, light, half full and half empty. The light and energy of the new moon will be the theme this week with that bright light dawning. It's time to begin again. Many of us are called to the natural rhythms of the earth as a way of tuning in.

I stayed in child's pose this morning for a good time letting the weight of everything go and it felt very good. I return to Yin and Nidra again and again for restful metamorphosis, trusting that a lot of growth happens in this quiet space.

I offer whole person yoga for body, mind and spirit.

It would be great to have you there this term for this beautiful self care practice, Yoga is a real haven. If you would like to join us here are the direct links or via Move GB if that is your way.

Book here for the whole 6 week term or one off sessions if you prefer.

My very best to you Nicola

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