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Stawberry Super Moon and yoga

Dear Yogi's

I welcome you to summer term on the back of Sunday's Strawberry Super (Full) Moon, my birthday too! Did you notice the intense brightness of that lunar orb, matching the power of the summer sun that shone all day long?

High summer is here, for now. I often choose a flowing active practice in the daytime when energy is stronger, guided by nature's rhythms.

In the evenings or when feeling drained, the solace of yin yoga and yoga nidra provides a comforting and deep grounding space. Once we learn the basics of yoga we can inhabit yoga in many different ways. A bit like listening to fast or slow music, we can match or even shift our mood.

Over the years I have taken much clarity, determination, doubt, sadness, happiness, and all things to the yoga mat as a non-judgemental space, a place outside of normal life, a place to meet myself. I invite you to my classes however you are doing, all of you is welcome here.

The nervous system is often balanced, not through mental enquiry but, through movement, breath, and conscious awareness of how this system works and interferes irrationally !

Understanding and working with this system leads us home to ourselves.

Summer can be a time of great energy, and also burnout. We have been exploring the seasons, the moon cycles and developing a deeper connection with nature. Right now in summer, we are also preparing the ground for Autumn and Winter. So take time to rest as well as sow wild seeds and take grand adventures.

This term care and understanding of the nervous system will be threaded through class and feature in our next full moon gathering on Sunday, July 2 3-6 pm.

Please consider booking a whole term, commit to yoga, to healing and your own wellbeing. In find financial commitment is also a strong motivator to attend. If you cannot make every session you are welcome to the recording of that session or to join a different class that week.

Weekly classes this term start tomorrow

Wednesdays 8-9 Yin and Nidra - deep slow, calm with exercises to regulate and befriend your nervous system.

Fridays 2-3 Beginners and Stress Reduction

Saturday 9.45-11 am Going Deeper - Mindful Hatha Flow with Yoga Nidra, go beyond the basics into bandha, mudra, pranayama.

Buck or Herb Full Moon Yoga Circle afternoon proposed date Sunday 2 July 3-6 pm gently explore this time of year where we gather the herbs and plants for the times ahead.

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