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The beautiful Bandha's and internal decompression

I often read yoga books before bed and when I awake, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. I was really happy to read through this book again "Mothers Breath' by Uma Dinsmore Tuli. It is a lexicon of pranayamas, bandha's and mudras for all women and especially those who are pregnant or giving birth.

I bought this book 16 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter Pearl.

Uma's descriptions are clear and poetic, which is perfect for me.

In today's class, we worked with tri bandha with the added layer of maintaining expanded ribs whilst exhaling. This deepens the internal vacuum to decompress the internal organs and lift the pelvic floor, it's a really fascinating sensation and space to inhabit.

If you are reading this then you know that yoga is a rich medicine to me and I hope my teachings enable you to be the maker of your own medicine. It's empowering to care for ourselves at such a profound level.

I am lucky to frequently hear students who have alleviated their symptoms and created greater health in life through our yogic practice. It makes me incredibly happy. So a big thank you.

I know a few of you have had one kind of dreaded lurgy these past weeks. So wishing you a swift return to good health and hope to have you back again soon.

Keep well till next time. Nicola

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