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Today & Sunday this week

The days are passing quickly now in the last weeks of the summer holidays,

and I hope that you are all well and getting a taste of freedom.

Its been great practising yoga outdoors looking at horizons of green and clouds crossing the skies beyond the four walls of the studio.

We will be online today from 6-7 with Release & Restore, a deeply calming and soothing session with a gentle warm-up, some longer held supported yin postures and a yoga Nidra to end. It's the perfect way to segway into the weekend. Available live and as a recording.

On Sunday we will be in person and online and as a recording at Urban Gym for Hatha Flow from 9.45-11 am. This class combines pranayama, intention setting, warm-up and a flowing practice combining many asanas, we end with a deep relaxation. Hope to see you. I have extended monthly class passes to make up for my days away during the summer. I will not be teaching Friday 27 or Sunday 29 August. The new term starts the first week of September.

Autumn calls and with it, I'd like to make some new offerings and would love your input and ideas.

There is a new four-week introduction course for Peri& Menopause Yoga at Wedmore Vale Quaker Centre, an afternoon retreat at Workout Ashton.

I would like to offer an early morning or a lunchtime class, this would be a 45 plus 15 session, so an hour but broken down into 2 parts for those who need to get to work. I will be offering an online Peri & Meno course too. I am also looking to add one of the following courses: pregnancy, teen or beginners. So if you have any thoughts or different ideas let me know.

Keep well, keep moving, keep in touch.

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