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Winter Wellbeing

Nearly there at the longest day yogis and a time for self-care is great.

Animals are hibernating so some of that gentle warm time can nourish the parts that allow us the bandwidth to share time and celebrate the year that is coming towards its natural end.

The hardest thing is to do the things we need the most, and the more challenged we are the harder it gets. If you can remember the things that give strength and space for all the pulls and draws of this time of year, do it.

There are several classes left this year with online, in-person and recorded options, if the time isn't right but the call for yogic centring is there, come and join us in any way you can.

Sending love Nicola x

Sundays 11 & 18 9.45 - 11 am Mindful Hatha Flow & Yin @Urban Gym

Wednesdays 14 & 21 8-9pm Yin & Nidra (Solstice Special) @ Quaker Hall

Friday 16 2-3 pm Beginners Wellbeing Yoga @Quaker Hall.

End of Year special to be announced.

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