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Wolf Full Moon Yoga & Creativity Circle

Greetings All

It's taken me a bit of time to wake up this year and find my energy, but I am feeling the stirrings of spring energy and also the desire to contemplate the year ahead. Please join me on Saturday 27 January from 10.30am for a day retreat at the Roundhouse Springfield Allotment. Mark the beginning of 2024 around the time of the Wolf Full Moon, a time of new beginnings and exploration. Be cosy around the wood burning stove at the roundhouse sharing time for wellbeing in the late winter, heading into Spring. Feast on breath, movement and rest with different options for the day. This session is an exploration for me. 

There are 2 sign up options: Book here

1 Yoga full moon circle, lunch and a creative collage visioning session. 10.30 am  till 3pm £44

2 Yoga full moon circle and lunch 10.30am -1.15 £28 Practice in a circle layout with Mindful Yoga, from Flow to Yin with a revitalising Yoga Nidra for that all important rest.   End the session around the wood burning stove in the roundhouse at Springfield Allotment to share lunch. There will then be, if you choose, a time for creative visioning with collage, drawing, writing and talking in a women's circle to explore what 2024 holds for you. With hot tea, food, and anything else that might emerge in this women's wellbeing yoga circle, together in the wild! Can't wait to welcome you.

Please contact me for more info or if you have any questions I always need a helper or 2, so please get in touch for a reduced price ticket


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