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Yin and Nidra online class today 6-7pm

As the stress mounted this week, it was easy to feel the pull of a strong and familiar current. However, with the right yogic tools, we can steer ourselves into a better place of self-care.

The deep slow supported shapes of Yin Yoga, are held for many minutes. taking us into the depths of our landscape to nourish, hydrate and release.

With present awareness, we ease our way into the shallows and onto the physical and mental shore. Within the ebb and flow of our breath and the bodies stillness, we replenish. I often think of the practice of yoga as a holiday from life, yet it is an invitation to permeate yoga out into life, so it feels more like a holiday!

Yoga Nidra is a powerful gentle tool, somewhere on the road to hypnotherapy where the body and our senses are spoken into deep awareness of the present moment.

A Yin and a Yang practice embrace the Sun and Moon sides of Ha-tha yoga.

Hope to see you, or recording available, get your probs ready.

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