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Yin & Nidra to balance and centre

We will be working with several of the meridians this evening, in postures that expand and balance body, mind and spirit. Reset the vegas nerve with a gentle sequence woven into the practice.

Looking forward to seeing you this evening 6-7 pm from my mat, to wherever you are, or a recording is available.

My apologies, I will not be teaching for the next 2 Sunday mornings.

Last week's sunrise/sunset class is available to book or is shared if you attended class. Happy to put on a daytime class Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Next week's Yin and Nidra class can take place on Wednesday evening: I am open to the timing.

I hope everyone is well and going with the flow, riding the waves of the slightly bizarre but interesting weather we are experiencing.

Keep on moving, and practising yoga, a little every day is so beneficial.

There is a new Yoga Nidra recording available on Insight Timer look for Lotus Yoga Bristol.

My best to you Nicola

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