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Yin & Nidra Wednesday eve 6-7

Dear Yogi's

I hope you get some downtime over the Easter break, I am offering an online Yin and Nidra class tomorrow (Wednesday) evening from 6-7 or a recording thereof. We explored using the wall last week for our practice both as a support and as something to push into and away from. It was a good exploration.

I have been so inspired by reading the book The Body Keeps the Score, a book about the history and treatment of trauma. It is a brilliant and very factual read one that is very useful to a teacher of yoga. The very best news here is that conscious breathing and yoga are cited as two of the best healing practices there are for processing and releasing trauma. So if you need another reason to practise yoga here it is.

I have been weaving some vagal nerve reset work through our classes over the past months. Thanks for the great feedback.

I look forward to seeing you again soon; roll out your mat a little yoga a day has enormous benefits to body, mind and spirit.

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