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Last night we practiced gratitude in class, simply reminding of all the good, start with little things a colour, a texture, someone you love, and just keep going in this way. Sessions this week are crafted to polish the gratitude muscles and thought processes that help recognise joy.  It can feel a bit cringey to consider the G word, but it is a practice that polishes, shines and strengthens your ability to see the bright side and encourages us to appreciate what we have. What we focus on grows.  

As we approach mothers day on Sunday, self care and soul tending come to the fore. Join us this evening for Going Deeper Hatha and Yin and Nidra in person, online or recorded 8-9pm.  Via my website or on Move GB.  Excited to see you there.  Also save the dates for some specials Equinox session for Wednesday 20 March and a full Moon session on Sunday 24 March.

See you soon and look out on my website for more gifts coming soon.

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